I have a passion for Korea, photography, writing, travelling, videography, fashion and a lot more. I get severe cases of 'fernweh' / wanderlust and another terrible disease of wanting to capture lovely moments This will be my online portfolio. Hopefully it will good enough for you, whoever you are who stumbled upon this little page of mine. I want to capture different angles of life and share them with the world. I hope to be recognized for my skills. I wish to be known for my art. -N Equipment: Phone photos as of Feb/March 2013: S3 Mini Camera as of May 2012 - Lumix GF3 (will still be using the SX30 from time to time, especially for concerts) July 2011 - Canon SX30IS Previously used a Canon SX110IS. Phone photos: LG P500 Optimus One :) Visit my Personal blog
Kamameshi (Rice)

Kamameshi (Rice)

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